Revolutionary Signboard


What is HAGURUMA ?

HAGURUMA is a “revolutionary” open-closed signboard that combines interesting
typographic tricks and a gear mechanism. Just rotate the handle, and open and closed switch in a magical way

The first thing that will impress you is the beauty of its structure. The many parts are meticulously calculated and assembled to form a unique shape. You can see a wonder of engineering and an art of mathematics in the design of HAGURUMA.

HAGURUMA is not only a mere piece of invention, but rather a practical contraption. It’s easy to operate and solid enough to withstand daily use.

HAGURUMA is also a toy that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Just watching it move is oddly satisfying. It can be an educational toy that allows children to learn how gears work while having fun.


For use in a variety of cases, HAGURUMA has 2 variants.

    • This is supposed to be used on a table, which is ideal for hotel receptionists or store cashiers.
    • This is supposed to be hung on the wall, which is suitable for restaurants and cafes.
      You can use 2 type of installation according to your purpose of use.
  • Installation-A
    • For hanging on the wall from outside
  • Installation-B
    • For attaching to glass wall from the inside

Color Option

There are two color options to choose from: a modern black and white design or
an antique design with the warmth of wood.




  • Material : MDF board
  • SIZE : Width 260mm Height 150mm Depth 40-60mm
  • WEIGHT 360g

*When used on a wall, the product requires a space of 6 cm from the wall.
* Not intended for outdoor use where exposed to wind and rain.


The idea was first conceived in 2014, and the first prototype was uploaded to
YouTube, where it quickly spread around the world.

I received many requests to commercialize it, but at the time it was not yet stable or durable enough to be commercialized. Over the next eight years, I continued to refine the product and finally arrived at this beautiful and stable structure.

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