Is this Magic, or Logic?

Square puzzle



This is a three-act magic trick in which the number of puzzle pieces that fit into the frame keeps increasing simply by rearranging the pieces. It can be performed at close range or on a large stage with several hundred people.


This product is designed for professional performers. Anyone can purchase this product, but it requires practice to perform well. This product contains a “secret trick” to make the wonder work.


Both the lid and the body have an embedded steel plate so that the pieces and board stick to each other. By placing it on an easel or other stand, all sides of the board can be seen by a large number of audience. There are also magnets embedded in key areas of the board. These magnets help the pieces to be placed in the right places.

Both the frame and the pieces are made of hard wood . The frame and pieces can be handed to the audience to check during or after the performance.


I often perform this act as a quick break between main acts, but afterwards I am often told, “That puzzle was amazing.

Visual and speedy acts are good, but this kind of work, where the impossible happens little by little at a slow pace, may unexpectedly leave a deep impression on people’s hearts. I hope you will add this work to your repertoire.

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